Mamma Mia! ABBA-Björn’s water wins prestigious award 

Björn UlveusAs a member of the Swedish pop group ABBA Björn Ulvaeus has achieved stardom through his music, now his mineral water is set to enter the world stage. The natural mineral water of Stenkulla Brunn, where Björn Ulvaeus is a majority shareholder, has been awarded the top prize in two categories in a prestigious competition in Brussels.

A water with double star quality
Stenkulla Brunn has been awarded 3 out of 3 stars for both its still and its lightly carbonized natural source waters, in the prestigious Superior Taste Award competition in Brussels. Nearly a thousand brands of water passed through the palates of prominent chefs et sommeliers from the International Taste & Quality Institute, ITQI, in a severe blind test. The highest mark of excellence, 3 stars, was awarded to but a few entrants, and Stenkulla Brunn further excelled by winning two such awards.

Brussels next
Björn Ulvaeus, world renowned through his successes with ABBA, Chess and Mamma Mia, is the principal owner of Stenkulla Brunn and also the driving force behind its international success. On May 28th, Björn Ulvaeus and Stenkulla Brunn CEO Johan Bryng will appear to accept ITQI’s awards in a ceremony to be held at Cercle Royal Gaulois, the Royal Arts and Literature Club, in central Brussels.

Why water, Björn?
– For starters, it is simply the best water I have ever tasted. A good friend of the family told us that his physician had recommended drinking it for health reasons. He suggested that we should try it too, and we have been completely hooked to Stenkulla ever since. We drink tap water too of course – Swedish tap water is perfectly clean – though for dinner or on any other occasion when you long for really good water, Stenkulla is it.
What makes Stenkulla special?
– Drinking Stenkulla water echoes of a glacial past. It stems from a time when nature was pure and undisturbed by man, a time when rain was not acid or polluted. It has filtered through stone and peat, gaining character and traces of minerals on the way. And then, by subterranean force, it has forced its way up to the source where we bottle it for consumption.
– Stenkulla Brunn water has a unique Ph-value and is almost completely free of salts. It is surely no coincidence that the locals here live longer than anywhere else in Sweden.
A water for connoisseurs
Leading sommeliers favor Stenkulla Brunn as a complement to fine wines on account of its Ph value, 8,2. Stenkulla is the connoisseurs’ water: served frozen in cubes or enjoyed separately, Stenkulla enhances the unique taste of single malt whiskies and other outstanding drinks.

The sommeliers’ choice
Stenkulla Brunn is a small yet rapidly growing enterprise in Bollebygd, situated in south-west Sweden near Gothenburg. The local water is known since time immemorial for its wholesome and natural character, and has been bottled for the domestic and international markets since 1994. Stenkulla Brunn is served at distinguished venues such as two-star Guide Michelin restaurants Noma in Copenhagen and Mathias Dahlgren in Stockholm, the single-star Guide Michelin restaurants Operakällaren and Fredsgatan 12 in Stockholm and at Sjömagasinet in Gothenburg.

Stenkulla water – awarded three stars by the International Taste & Quality Institute, iTQi 

Superior Taste Award - Three starsiTQi is an independent organisation for world-class chefsand sommeliers. It is passionate about judging and rewarding superior food and drink from around the world.

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