Stenkulla water - Aged in a coastal bay 

Ten thousand years ago, Stenkulla mineral spring was part of a coastal bay. Two thousand years later, when the Nolån valley emerged from the sea, a bouldery ridge was formed, full of valuable minerals. The crystal-clear water of Stenkulla spring has absorbed the minerals’ delicious taste and their health-giving properties.
Stenkulla is an artesian spring, which means that the water flows under its own pressure. The water is delicious, with a good mineral composition and low sodium content. It has a pH value of 8.2, which is good for the body and is one reason why Stenkulla’s water has become a favourite with many restaurateurs and sommeliers.
For a connoisseur, drinking Stenkulla’s water as an accompaniment
to a glass of red wine is an unbeatable combination.


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